Crystal Healing


A Crystal Healing is a very powerful form of Spiritual Healing. Using a combination of spiritual healing techniques in conjunction with the crystals brings about an accelerated and very deep healing. In fact this form of healing is so intensive that other healers and therapists come to Brian for this form of spiritual healing.

Crystal Healing can be used to help heal us on the Physical, Emotional, Mental or Spiritual Level.

Crystal Healing for The Physical
"From the very first visit I can honestly say that I felt an improvement in the knee. As early as the second visit I stopped taking the anti-inflammatory tablets and ten weeks later I still have not taken a tablet". See Testimonies

After years of research and experimentation with crystals, Brian has found that he can work directly on organs, muscle, bone, nerve endings even cells to help them accelerate in their natural healing process. This type of healing can be used for any form of Physical illness or disease. In most cases those that received a crystal healing session notice a a direct improvement in their condition after only a couple of sessions. Some individuals report an almost immediate relief of pain or discomfort of their condition. Crystal Healing can be used to help treat any physical condition or disease ranging from Arthritis, M.E. to Cancer.

"...entering my energy field in the stomach area, and the source of the pain being drawn out of my energy field, akin to surgery without the pain" See Testimonies

Crystal Healing for The Emotions
As emotions are in themselves variations of 'subtle energy', they can help be released with the crystal healing in a very gentle way, depression, resentment, grief, emotional trauma, in fact anything on the emotional level can be treated in a powerful yet non-invasive way.
Crystals are natural energy conductors, they can be used to project and intensify healing energies and also to help absorb and dispel negative energies i.e. dis-ease of the human energy system. They can help greatly accelerate the healing process of the human system. Again like Reiki or spiritual healing, the body is encouraged to heal itself on the levels of the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical.

Brian specialises in healing with crystal wands and many clients report they can feel the healing power of the crystal lasers, others have said they seen colours and swirling lights. Whatever the experience, it is very enjoyable and deeply relaxing.


Please note: in some rare cases an individual's energy levels can be too low to receive a crystal healing, in this case it is recommended to receive a reiki healing session initially to then progress onto a crystal healing.

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