Reiki Training

"Promoting a Professional and High standard of Reiki Healing."

Brian's reputation as a Reiki Teacher is drawing people not only from all over Ireland but from around Europe as well, to attend his reiki training courses. Brian has trained and initiated people into Reiki as far away as New Zealand and has written several articles for health magazines and health websites on reiki healing. And maintains the highest standard of training to help individuals work with Reiki for personal or professional therapy use. Brian has been teaching Reiki healing since 1999 and has trained in over 2000 healers.

Brian will be there for support and advice if needed after one has taken the Reiki Training course, in addition there are Reiki Meetings every 3-4 weeks, which after optional for the Reiki healer which help tremendously with confidence and also Brian gives subtle teaching at these meetings to give new reiki healing techniques and advice. For overseas Reiki healers Brian is most receptive to answering questions and giving advice over the phone or email.

In Reiki healing we call the various levels of reiki 'degrees' which take place over a weekend, each level is an intensive 2 day workshop.

Reiki level one is the first degree where one learns to heal themself, family and friend. Click here to find out more about Reiki Level One.

Reiki two is the second degree for those who would like to channel more powerful reiki and then one proceeds onto the third degree, this is the degree where one can proceed onto practising Reiki healing professionally, Brian specialises in helping set up Reiki Healers professionally. Click here to find out more about Reiki Level Two.

The Mastership & Teaching degree. Click here to find out more about Reiki Level Three.

A certain period of time can be taken in between degrees or as long as the practitioner wishes until the reiki practitioner feels that he or she is ready to proceed.

It is recommended that the candidate for training partake in at least one reiki healing session with Brian, although not compulsory, this is quite simply so the candidate knows Brian can do reiki healing and also feels comfortable to proceed onto reiki training.
Each Reiki workshop is taught as a holistic and spiritual programme.

Each Reiki Level includes:

A Reiki Initiation and energy attunement

Reiki Healing Theory

Practical Training & Exercises

A Reiki Healing Manual

A Reiki Healing Certificate of validation

After every reiki healing degree taught, the initiates performs reiki healing upon themselves for 21 days to raise and maintain their healing vibration. In addition Brian will be there for support and advice if needed.

**Course Criteria: This course is strongly not recommended for those who suffer from Manic Depression or Bi-Polar Depression or Mental Disorders. Also energy healing of any type is strongly not recommended for those who currently take Recreational Drugs. Please ask Brian about any questions in relation to this. Of course any information given is held in strictest confidence**

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Reiki Level One

Reiki Level Two

Advanced Reiki Techniques Course

Reiki Level Three (Mastership)

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