Reiki Level 3 ( Mastership )

Reiki Three Degree

"Promoting a Professional and High standard of Reiki Healing."

Reiki Three Degree - Reiki Master & Teacher Degree

For a reiki healer to get to this level they would need adequate experience and personal growth to attain the Master Degree. The Final Degree is a deeper commitment to always partaking in channelling the Reiki energies.

Reiki 3 Master & Teacher degree is recommended for:

Those who would like to commit to complete healing on all levels and open even more reiki healing powers within. Work with Spirit in a healing partnership.

Those who desire to complete the reiki healing cycle.

Those who like to expand their influence of reiki healing.

Those who desire to integrate all Reiki and Tera-mai energies and excel in Reiki.

Those who would like to Teach, Train and Initiate others into Reiki healing and help support them on their healing paths.

The Third Degree : € 450.00 Euro

In the Third Degree you will receive:

All of the Traditional Reiki and Tera-mai© reiki symbols.

You will be given adequate time to practise with the Reiki symbols.

You will learn to perform the special Reiki Initiation techniques on others.

You will learn how to teach Reiki healing to others.

You learn how to channel the Reiki Master Symbol.

You will receive a Reiki Three manual and a Reiki Three certificate, which entitles you to practise as a Reiki Master & Teacher. ( Please note that this Master Degree entitles you to be a Tera-Mai © Reiki Master & Teacher.)

You will receive a Reiki one and Reiki two manual from Brian McCullen and revision of both levels if you not trained with Brian for level 1 or 2.

Once you completed this course, you may sit in on a Reiki 1 or Reiki 2 course as an observer with Brian for a token gesture of 30 euro. (This is optional)

Changing Reiki Teachers
Many have asked whether you can change reiki teachers and take different degrees with various teachers. This is perfectably acceptable, you should feel comfortable with your teacher and expect the highest training and respect from him or her. Some teachers may be too strict and others too casual - be comfortable with a potential teacher and do not be afraid to ask how they run a workshop and also the techniques they teach.

There is a reiki follow up once an evening every 3 weeks where the Reiki Master Healers meet to exchange reiki and share experiences. This is optional after the reiki 3 degree but is highly recommended. There is a donation of € 20 Euro for each of these evenings.

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