Advanced Reiki Techniques Course

This course is designed for those who wish to increase their healing skills after Reiki Level 2 but may not necessarily want to proceed to the Mastership Level just yet.

Course Content:
Advanced Healing Techniques:

Healing Through the Eyes

Healing Through the Breath

Healing Touch Points

Balancing the Chakra system with Reiki

Healing Through the Heart Chakra

Reiki Healing Techniques to strengthen and repair the Aura

The Reiki Mudras – Increasing the reiki energy flow through the chakra system.

Widening & Strengthening the Healing Energy Channels.

Advanced Reiki Hand positions.

Healing Meditation(s) to increase the Reiki Ray.

A Reiki Healing Session on the Sunday Afternoon.

Various energy exercises.

Advanced Reiki Technique Certificate will be given

Cost: € 300
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