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I'll update the file with more information every few days. Any questions feel free to email. Thanks Brian

Angel Discs: 2nd Edition



Hi All, here’s something we were doing on Monday night, you might feel to do it if it feels right with you. Some of us can feel powerless at the moment with regard to the coronavirus and this technique can help us to feel like we are the very least helping those around us spiritually.

To ask for an Angelic Disc to be installed anchored around you to clear fear of the mass consciousness in the local area and also to do disrupt and transform the frequency of the corona virus, to clear any negative effects of it for all people in the locality.

This is an angelic light technology device installed and supported by the angelic forces to counteract any negative effects as long as it conforms to the free will of humanity.   I call the discs “angelic discs” but the full terminology is “Angelic Fear & Viral Disruptor and Transmutation Disc” but ….”angel disc” will do


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